An Archive of daily life #8 - The accumulative schemes of objects and their determinants

Who are our neighbors?
The Pombaline Lower Town lost residents over time, many of its buildings are uninhabited.
The resident population is mostly elderly, but recently there has been a growing young population that comes to inhabit the buildings.
The inhabitants that live in 'BAIXA', a large portion are immigrants who chose to live in the city of Lisbon, coming mainly from Asia.

Do you accept credit cards?

Is breakfast provided?
No, but we offer a variety of coffees, teas, and water.

Do you have room service from which I can order a meal?
Although we don't have room service,, offers a wide selection of dishes from the most popular restaurants in Lisbon (Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, and many others!). Your order will be delivered to you within one hour.
If your are planning to stay for more than a few days, you can shop in one of the supermarkets or local markets and prepare your own meal at APQ-HOME with it's fully equipped kitchen.

How far is APQ-HOME from the airport and transports?
The Lisbon International Airport (LIS) is located only 15 minutes away (by car).

Can you arrange an airport pick-up service?
Yes, we can arrange for transfer service. Please go to our website to check availability and prices.

At what times are check in/check out?
At any time during the day.

Is APQ-Home a hotel?
No. It's a private residence, which offers the possibility of living within the context of an art installation.

Who can acquire the objects?
Anyone who rents the apartment for at least two nights.

How are the objects acquired?
All objects are catalogued on this website, and have price tags on them.

Are there objects that cannot be acquired?
Yes, these objects that do not have a price tag, and were offered to the artist.

When can the objects be collected and paid for?
During your stay, mention what objects you are interested in, and pay for them at the end of your stay.

Payment proceedings
Payment is made through bank transfer, PayPal or cash on arrival when booking, the price for one night will be charged.

Is it possible to forward an object?
We can help you with this for a specific address. Please ask us by e-mail for more information and to check the posting prices.

What is in use in the apartment?

Is it possible to have food?
Yes. Prices are available in the website and in the apartment's kitchen.

Are pets allowed?
Unfortunately not yet.

Is smoking allowed?
Only in the balcony.